About Us

Altaï Italia is a local travel agency based in Italy.

We specialize in organizing nature and adventure travel in Italy. Our experienced team guarantee the highest quality service.

Before, during and after your trip, you will be supported by a dedicated team of specialists with a contagious passion for the hidden, unusual and enchanting Italian nature. We make a point to honor the local culture; all of our travelers meet local people.

Why book with Us

1) We spend time exploring the world around us in order to improve and deepen our knowledge about our destinations. Our partners are carefully selected according to their professionalism and expertise, never according to price considerations. Our hand-picked team of expert guides have all passed our rigorous training programme and are all highly qualified; they are all enrolled on our continuous training programme to keep their skills, knowledge and certificates up to date.

2) Whatever your budget, whatever your desires, we will get back to you with an exclusive offer — a unique proposal for your very own customized adventure.

3) Contrary to traditional organized travel groups, Altaï Italia takes on the roles of both of travel organization and sales. This means that we have no need for middlemen and their additional costs so you can benefit from the very best possible value. Thanks to our long-lasting presence in each destination, and through the trust and relations we have built over time, we can offer trips with very attractive prices.

Tours and Holidays by Altai Italia

Altai Italia has not yet published any tours.