About Us

Caravan Kooch Adventure Travel is an Iranian incoming tour operator, trading under the brand name of “Adventure Iran”. We are a fully licensed tour operator authorized by the Iran Touring & Tourism Organization (ITTO), and have been operating successfully since our inception in 2006.

We specialize in adventure trips including but not limited to trekking tours, mountain biking trips, ski tours and ultra-trail running adventures. We strive to always offer interesting, fun and innovative journeys specifically designed for the international traveller.

We take our travellers to remote corners of Iran that are not known by many companies, allowing us to offer unique insight on the culture of the indigenous people. We work with many international companies as well, where we take over once their customers arrive to the Iranian border.

Our team consists of skilled tour guides with much experience and vast knowledge about the travel industry and the adventures that Iran has to offer. We ensure you that you'll get an amazing, seamless and well executed tour and adventure while visiting Iran. While we are specialized within adventure travel, we are capable at designing tours around culture, history, archaeology and folklore as well, including combining some of that with adventurous excursions.

Why book with Us

Several founders of Adventure Iran have had several years of experience in the field of Adventure Travel (AT) in the United States and the UK. After their return to Iran and their assessment of the local AT industry, it was quite apparent that this field had not been developed properly and the local practitioners were quite unaware of the standards and modes of operation suitable for the International clientele.

We spent almost 1.5 years doing research into all aspects of the business as well as making many trips to obscure destinations, in order to come up with suitable routes and great travel itineraries. Our goal is simple: to offer world-class trips into the exceptional and varied countryside of Iran. We have carefully hand-picked our local contacts and have a network that know their territory well and can offer experiences and adventures that are outside the capabilities of regular tour companies.

Just a little known fact: Parts of Iran showcase more than 7000 years of continuous human habitation through many cultures that have come and gone but have left faint footprints barely discernible but most definitely still present. We firmly believe that Adventure Iran's core offerings, which are carefully assembled trips combined with our focus on providing service and comfort in a physically challenging environment are unique for this country, and that we can provide a world-class service level.

Please do not hesitate to make an enquiry with us. We'd be happy to help you out with your upcoming Iranian trip. We look forward to serve you.

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