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Canada Sightseeing Tours 2018/2019

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Canada Tour Reviews

4.6 - Excellent Based on 700 customer reviews
CANADIAN ROCKIES & VANCOUVER ISLAND Reviewed Tour: Canadian Wildlife & Vancouver Island - Reverse
4 - Very Good
“There was a great mix of activity on this holiday. It was a wonderful experience”
Canadian Family Discovery Reviewed Tour: Canadian Family Discovery
5 - Excellent
“The holiday was brilliant! I wanted to introduce my 8 year old daughter to the outdoors, and our 10 days were filled with adventure - swimming, canoeing, white-water rafting, horse riding, and hiking, and of course camping.”
Whales, Bears and WOW Reviewed Tour: Whales & Bears of British Columbia
5 - Excellent
“A brilliant trip, with chance to see huge amounts of the stunning British Columbia Landscapes and lots of wildlife. We were very lucky with the weather, a great group, a top tour leader and wildlife that wanted to show off all of the time.”
Whales & Bears of British Colombia Reviewed Tour: Whales & Bears of British Columbia
5 - Excellent
“What an absolutely fantastic wildlife experience. Can you imagine how wonderful it is to witness, Gray Whales, Humpback Whales, diving and blowing and Orca (Killer) Whales. To watch a pod of Orcas breaching, a acrobatic performance which would win a Gold medal in any ones games.To stand and watch wild bears feasting on huge Salmon, oblivious to us viewing. (Well, most of the time!!). This is a wildlife and photographic trip not to be missed. You can add, sightings of Bald Eagles, the list is almost endless.”
Amazing British Columbia Reviewed Tour: Whales & Bears of British Columbia
5 - Excellent
“This was my first holiday with Exodus and also my first small group holiday. I need not have worried on either account. From beginning to end the organisation was first class thanks to our amazing Group leader Heather and a more diverse and relaxed group of fellow travellers would have been hard to find. My concerns about my age, (there were several older than my 65 years) and the amount of walking involved were quickly dispelled and I was able to opt out of híkes to sketch and paint instead.”
WHALES & BEARS OF BRITISH COLUMBIA Reviewed Tour: Whales & Bears of British Columbia
5 - Excellent
“A fantastic experience from begining to end, a wonderful group of people - locations were excellent with lots of wildlife and culture.  A couple of niggles: some initial accomodation was below standard (eg: roadside motel), a seemingly perenial problem - lack of choice vegetarian option on dinner menus.”
Did what it said on the tin! Reviewed Tour: Whales & Bears of British Columbia
5 - Excellent
“We asked for whales and bears and we definitely got them!  Whales = grey, humpback, orca.  Bears = black and grizzly.”
North West Passage Reviewed Tour: Northwest Passage (2017)
5 - Excellent
“I thought that this trip looked exciting. I realised before I went that there was a lot of ice at the earlier part of the route. This meant that our tour started from Resolute Bay rather than Cambridge Bay, which was initially disappointing, as I was interested in the Franklin expedition and would have liked to see where it had been. However, it did mean that we had more time in the Lancaster Strait area which is wonderful for wildlife. We saw about 20 polar bears, gyrfalcon, snowy owl, distant narwal and muskoxen and two breathtaking pods of Orcas (killer whales). We had an interesting talk by the CEO of the Victoria Strait Expedition, which was then taking place, and although we were told that no trace of Franklin's ships had been found, we later heard that one HAD been found.”
Memorable trip to the Canadian Rockies Reviewed Tour: Canadian Rockies Wilderness Walks
5 - Excellent
“Really fantastic trip! I got to experience the totally breathtaking Canadian Rockies with a lovely group of people, and led by knowledgeable and passionate guides. The hiking is brilliant, and this trip allows you to walk on the less touristy trails and really get a taste for the wilderness. The itinerary is really well thought-out, meaning you get to walk in a few of the national parks to get a fuller and more varied sense of the landscape, and also the longer hikes are perfectly spread out with easier walking in-between. The guides worked really hard and were incredibly considerate of the group's preferences. The meals were varied and delicious, and nothing beats sitting by a campfire after a long day of hiking. Such a memorable way to see the Rockies, and definitely served to convince me that I'm going back!”
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