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Spirit Of The Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17

From US$ 3,098 US$ 2,501
  • No booking or credit card fees
  • E-ticket/Mobile voucher
  • Full-day 4WD experience on Fraser Island
  • Authentic farm stay experience at Myella Farm
  • Overnight sailing in the Whitsunday Islands
  • Visit to stunning Whitehaven Beach
The Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 tour starts in Cairns and ends in Christchurch. The Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 is a Explorer tour that takes 22 days taking you from Cairns to Christchurch and 14 other destinations. The Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 includes trip leader, accommodation, meals, transport and some activities. Please see the Includes section for details.

There's no end to the rivalry between these two countries lying in the south Pacific, which are as different from one another as they are spectacular. So the only way to settle this once and for all is for you to be the judge. Experience the warmth and the beauty touring Australia and the fun and the stunning travelling New Zealand before you decide.
Day 1 Cairns

Just like a double-shot macchiato in the morning, two days in Cairns will get your heart started. Meet and greet the crew in the afternoon and start planning tomorrow's adventures.

Did you know:
-The world's most fierce and sassy bird, the cassowary, resides in Cairns. Best not to get all up in its feathered grill if you see one.
-The city was officially founded in 1876 after the discovery of gold brought on a mining rush. Today it's pearls, sugar cane and fish. Not as good as gold.
-Cairns plays host to the world's longest single day mail delivery. The run takes over 9 hours to complete and spans 1450 km flying between Cairns and Cape York. And you get impatient waiting for that Asos package after 5 days.

Day 2 Cairns

Like the thought of spending a whole day exploring the only place in the world nestled between two World Heritage areas? Go on then. Ramp up the adventure with hot air ballooning, horse riding, bungy jumping, rafting and all those things on your tick list. Save time for a snorkelling or scuba trip to the Great Barrier Reef and take home that elusive selfie with a photobombing fish.

*Pre-book your Great Barrier Reef day-trip at the time of booking to secure your spot.

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest living organism and covers 2,300 kilometres of Australia's coastline. It's also home to six of the world's seven sea turtle species. Win.

Day 3 Cairns to The Whitsundays

***We ask that you have packed a small overnight bag to take onboard with you as space is limited. Pack items like swimmers, beach towel, chargers, hat, sunscreen, camera, jacket, toiletries, sandals/flip flops and casual clothes for 3 days.***

Feeling like you need more air in your hair? Leave the bus and board your own private yacht for our overnight sailing trip in the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. Normally a toy for the rich and famous, today it's all yours to learn the ropes while sailing in paradise. More of a land-lover? Take the diva option and let the crew do the work whilst you feast, swim and snorkel.

Included today:
-Big Mango
-Overnight sailing

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-Whitehaven Beach sand contains 98% pure silica, giving the beach its blinding white colour. The sand does not retain heat making it easy to walk on barefoot on a summer's day, and is great for polishing jewellery. Is there anything this sand DOESN'T do.
-Of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays, only 8 are inhabited. 66 are completely deserted. Milestone birthday present?
-The heart-shaped island used in Queensland advertising is REAL. Heart Reef, as it is named, is a natural coral formation off the Whitsunday coast.

Day 4 The Whitsundays to Daydream Island

Keep those sunglasses on as the blinding white sands of Whitehaven stretch before you like a 7km sea of diamonds and swim with the resident Maori Wrasse at Blue Pearl Bay. Back on board, keep adrift of your seafaring skills by helping to set the sails or steer at the helm as we set course for land and two nights at Daydream Island Resort.

Included today:
-Whitehaven Beach
-Whitsunday sailing

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-Daydream Island is a sailing enthusiast's mecca, with its outdoor aquarium hosting 80 different types of sea life and 50 varying corals.
-The average water temperature in The Whitsundays is 26C. #perrrrfection.
-Captain Cook first sailed through the Whitsundays in 1770 on the second Sunday of Easter, and hence named the area after the day he discovered it. #themoreyouknow

Day 5 Daydream Island

Did someone say buffet breakfast? (Over) indulge, recharge and relax with water sports, beach volleyball and fish feeding right off the jetty. Appropriately named, Daydream Island has walking tracks, palm trees and secluded beaches. In keeping with tradition, a looong list of activities has been provided ranging from watersports to mini golf and tennis. Grab a cocktail from the swim up pool bar then make a date with a hammock and get in your happy place overlooking the pools.

Included today:
-Non-motorised activities
-Bush walking

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 6 Daydream Island to Emu Park

Get out of the hammock and follow in the footsteps of Captain Cook as we head south to Emu Park. Then spread out on the sand, crack a ""cold one""(beer) and confuse yourself with the rules of beach cricket with your mates. Enjoy the Aboriginal experience where you get to learn about totems and artefacts, see some traditional dancing, try your hand at boomerang throwing and make some artwork to take home all before dinner.

Included today:
-Aboriginal experience and artefact souvenir

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-The only way you can keep rabbits in Queensland is if you have a magician’s permit. Now that’s pulling a rabbit out of a hat.
-Cane toads were introduced to Australia to get rid of another pest, the cane beetle. It was later discovered this is the only thing they do not eat. The cane toad is now a national pest. Unlucky.
-A species of small snail residing in tropical North Queensland was named in honour of Steve Irwin, as Crikey steveirwini.

Day 7 Emu Park to Myella Farm

Trade the beach for the bush via Rockhampton, the beef capital of Australia. Take a selfie as you pass by the Tropic of Capricorn. This afternoon enjoy an authentic outback experience at a 2,500-acre cattle station. Embrace your inner cowboy and prepare yourself for an adventure-packed afternoon of horse riding, motor biking and cow milking. Or go walkabout on a real Aussie farm to find that right spot for the perfect outback sunset. Enjoy a hearty home cooked farm style dinner before you take to whip cracking and lassoing.

Included today:
-Farm sunset
-Tropic of Capricorn selfie

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-Gumby gumby, a local plant to Myella is often dried and consumed with tea as some locals believe it is an effective cancer cure.
-Station = Australian term for a large farm. Equivalent to an Amerian ranch.
-Countries situated between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn experience a phenonemon known as Lahaina noon - where the sun is directly overhead and buildings do not cast shadows.

Day 8 Myella Farm to Fraser Island

Wake up and smell the coffee. Kick off your day with a farm breakfast before burning down the highway to catch a ferry bound for the world's largest sand island, with the longest beach in Queensland - all 75 Miles (120kms) of it.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-Fraser Island is the largest island to be made entirely of sand, and the only place on earth where rainforest grows on sand.

Day 9 Fraser Island

Fraser is literally one huge pile of sand - as if someone dropped the Sahara Desert into the Pacific Ocean and scattered it with dingoes and rainforests. Four-wheel-drive along the beach highway to mingle with the Pinnacles Coloured Sands (considered a place of good luck for the Indigenous Butchulla women), Eli Creek and the Maheno Shipwreck before testing out your stand up paddling skills on the crystal clear waters of Lake McKenzie.

Included today:
-Fraser Island 4WD tour
-Lake MacKenzie
-Central Station
-Coloured Sands
-Maheno Shipwreck
-Eli Creek

Meals: Breakfast, lunch.

Did you know:
- Fraser Island is so named due to Elizabeth Fraser and her shipwreck survival story. Basically: she was a tough lady who braved and survived childbirth in a lifeboat, subsequent loss of her child, becoming widowed and captured by the island's inhabitants.

Day 10 Fraser Island to Gold Coast

Next stop: BrisVegas (aka Brisbane). Don't let its namesake fool you - there are no late-night wedding chapels in the sunshine state capital. Get your bearings on a walking tour of the city centre, before burning down the highway to the golden sandy beaches of Surfers Paradise. Welcome to the Gold Coast.

Included today:
-Brisbane City walking tour

Meals: Breakfast

Did you know:
-The Gold Coast is home to the largest professional lifeguard service in the southern hemisphere.
-While the rest of the world is dreaming of a white Christmas, all Australians know ‘tis the time to eat prawns on the beach.

Day 11 Gold Coast to Byron Bay

Leave the Gold Coast glitz behind you as we head to Springbrook National Park and its major draw card, Natural Bridge. Next, swap the national park for surf vibes in Byron - where you can burn incense, sip chai, become a yoga teacher and win cash for being a Cheeky Monkey all in one day.

Included today:
-Springbrook National Park

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-The NSW government played a game of switcheroo when they discovered that the peak of Mount Kosciuszko was lower than that of Mount Townsend. They simply switched the names so that Mount Kosciuszko would come out on top. Literally.
-In 2009 a 3-day dust storm whipped through New South Wales, covering the city in an orange haze and tinting the sky red. #dontmesswithmothernature

Day 12 Byron Bay

Anti-McDonald's and anti-anything mass produced (but pro juice bars, beer gardens and beards), Byron is glitzy on the outside but small town-hearted underneath. Hit the shops, test out those newly acquired surfing skills, paddle a sea kayak, or watch whales breach from the Lighthouse in winter. This is the town where peace and tranquillity go to relax. You should too. Or jump out of a plane. Byron doesn't care as long as you're happy.

Included today:
-Byron Bay highlights walking trip

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 13 Byron Bay to Crescent Head

Let the wave chasing begin as we cruise down the coast to the surfing mecca of Crescent Head. Grab some BBQ lunch before we hit the beach for a private surf lesson on one of the best surfers in the world. Here's your chance to become a bona fide surf master. Kelly Slater, who?

Included today:
-Big banana
-Surf lesson

Meals: Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Did you know:
-Crescent Head is famed as one of the best right hand point breaks for surfing in the world. Get ya surfboard out.

Day 14 Crescent Head to Sydney

Try a barrel of a different kind and dip your toes into an oak barrel (literally) in the Hunter Valley today. Swill some vino and taste some of the best grapes in the country before we roll onto the beachside hustle and bustle of Sydney.

Included today:
-Wine tasting and grape stomping

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-The famed Sydney Harbour Bridge was unofficially opened by a protester who rode up to the ceremony ribbon in a military uniform and promptly slashed it with a sword. He was also promptly arrested.
-Buses in Sydney running behind schedule can alter the traffic lights so as to catch up – it’s called Transit Priority. #followthebusifyou’relate
-The 1c coins removed from the Australian economy in 1992 were melted down and used for the 2000 Sydney Olympic bronze medals. Repurposing at its best.
-The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and most famous wine region. Have a drop or two.

Day 15 Sydney to Christchurch

As this package is a combination of the Island Suntanner and Southern Explorer trips at a discounted price, flights between Australia and New Zealand and City airport transfers are not included in this trip package - suggestions for city airport transfers are as follows -

Cairns - booking with Sun Palms Transport (approx $18), or public bus (approx $7) to airport or a taxi (approx $35).
Christchurch - ""Super Shuttle"" door to door transfers (approx $25), or taxi (approx $30).

Fly over the ditch and make your way to Christchurch city centre (Breakfree On Cashel Hotel) - your accommodation for tonight in Kiwi land.

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake there was a national shortage of Marmite sandwich spread that lasted over a year. The dilemma was named "Marmageddon".
-A pop-up mall project called Re:START was constructed from shipping containers over the destroyed pedestrian mall after the 2011 quake.

Day 16 Christchurch to Fox Glacier

Roll across the pastoral patchwork quilt that forms the Canterbury Plains and watch 50 shades of green melt into snow-topped peaks. Hang out in Hokitika for whitebait fritters and Pounamu (Jade) shopping, then take your best photography shot of NZ's two tallest mountain peaks reflected in Lake Matheson for the #picoftheday. Excited? You should be.

Included today:
-Lake Matheson Walk

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-Every kiwi has at least one baby photo of themselves naked on a sheep skin. Don’t ask.

Day 17 Fox Glacier to Queenstown

Today's your chance to walk on water. Well, frozen glacial water to be precise. Scale a mountain in minutes to get amongst ethereal ice caves and formations. With barely enough time to let your heart rate slow, we journey back through the mountains past Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea. Feel your pulse start to quicken as we roll into Queenstown.

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-In Queenstown you can hire a hydro attack - a cross between a torpedo and a fighter jet, painted as a shark. Jump and dive to the point at which your heart cannot take it anymore.

Day 18 Queenstown

Here's some basic math: Queenstown has over 220 activities-you have two days. No rush. This lakeside city has adrenaline on tap and will match any adventure you had in mind and then throw a Fergburger (amazing Queenstown burger place) in there for good measure. Get your fix with bungy, a narrow canyon swing, Shotover Jet, or paragliding, hiking, horse riding and the skyline gondola. If you're bored here, there's something wrong. Need some time out? Head to the Kiwi Birdlife Park, soak in a Japanese onsen, or kick back with a local pinot.

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-In Queenstown you can hire a hydro attack - a cross between a torpedo and a fighter jet, painted as a shark. Jump and dive to the point at which your heart cannot take it anymore.

Day 19 Queenstown

Free day, take two. Jump off more stuff or chill out and let your pulse drop. Your call.

Meals: Breakfast.

Day 20 Queenstown to Fiordland

Instagram account meltdown warning! Today is going to chew through your memory cards with the Mirror Lakes, Hollyford Valley and Milford Sound. Sheer rock faces towering 1,200m above sea level, wildlife and waterfalls combine like an inch-thick chocolate ganache… 100% pure mouth-watering decadence out on the sound. You probably won't see any woolly mammoths, but dolphins and fur seals? You can pretty much bet your snow boots on it. Steeped in Maori myth, this is a history and geology lesson rolled into one, minus the homework.

Included today:
-Milford Sound Nature Cruise
-Fiordland National Park Walks

Meals: Breakfast.

Did you know:
-Remember Xena the Warrior Princess? Yep, she's kiwi too.

Day 21 Fiordland to Lake Ohau

Back in the heyday of Arrowtown, everyone was here for the gold. Recharge your batteries with venison burgers and a central Otago pinot noir in Arrowtown then zigzag across the five bridges that span the ever-changing Arrow River. Test your nerves on the suspension bridge then chill out by the crystal clear river waters while you catch your breath. Then cue relaxation and a chance to practice your stone-skimming skills in Lake Ohau.

Included today:
-Mountain Bike ride (13km/2hrs) along Arrow River

Meals: Breakfast, dinner.

Did you know:
-New Zealand is also the only country with hobbits printed on their currency.
-And everyone in New Zealand knows at least one person who worked on the films.

Day 22 Lake Ohau to Christchurch

Lap up Lake Pukaki under the shadow of Mt Cook. It's about as Kiwi as 'fush and chups' (fish and chips with a local accent). Then shift into sheep country, where these furry things outnumber humans 12:1. It makes sense that today includes the Church of the Good Shepherd, a monument to the faithful sheep dog and a chance to watch them in action on a Kiwi farm. Then back to into the city of Churches as our trip winds to a close.

Included today:
-Mt Cook Village (weather dependant)
-Scenic walks

Meals: Breakfast, afternoon tea.

Did you know:
-After the 2011 Christchurch earthquake there was a national shortage of Marmite sandwich spread that lasted over a year. The dilemma was named "Marmageddon".
-A pop-up mall project called Re:START was constructed from shipping containers over the destroyed pedestrian mall after the 2011 quake

what’s included
  • 21 breakfasts (B), 4 lunches (L), 10 dinners (D), 1 afternoon tea (AT)
  • 21 nights in hotels, lodges and cabins, 1 night in hostel
  • 1 night on board sailing
  • Trip Leader and Driver
  • Please note flight is not included on this trip. 
  • Other services as per the itinerary
what’s excluded
    International Flights
  • Any international flights to Cairns and from Christchurch are not included in this price. We always recommend that you arrive 1 day prior to your tour starting date.
  • Travel Insurance
  • Travel insurance is not included in this Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 tour. Travel insurance is mandatory to buy. We recommend purchasing it from World Nomads.
Tour details
Booking Type Instant Booking  
Duration 22 days
Tour Type Group Tour  
Age Requirement 18-39 yrs
guiding method Live guide/instructor
guide language English
meeting/Start point Cairns, Australia
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Get a PDF file with detailed trip information: Download Trip Notes for Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17
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Good to know Payment

A deposit of 79 USD is required to confirm this tour. For any departures within 11 April 2017 full payment is required.

Travel Insurance

The Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 tour requires that you have adequate and valid travel insurance covering medical and personal accidents, including repatriation costs and emergency evacuation. We recommend using World Nomads travel insurance.


For this Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 tour getting the required visa(s) is the responsibility for each individual traveller, as visa requirements vary depending on your nationality. We recommend to check with your local embassies representing the countries that you are travelling to, as part of this itinerary.

Cancellation No additional cancellation fees apply for this Spirit of the Pacific (ex. Cairns) 2016-17 tour. You can cancel the tour up to 43 days prior departure and avoid paying the full amount, but your deposit paid is non-refundable. No refund applies for cancellations within 43 days of departure.
other information
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