World’s Best Daredevil Adventures

Young man swimming in the ice hole on a winter lake in Finland

There is nothing like the rush of adrenaline you get when you do something that scares you, or something that brings out the thrill-seeking adventurer in you.

Whether you want to challenge a phobia, or simply want to feel more alive, there are a number of thrilling destinations that offer you the adventure of a lifetime- adventures the inner Daredevil in you will be incredibly proud of. What are these adventures? Let’s take a look- but before that, make sure your safety belt is on!

Ice Swimming in Finland and Estonia (above image)

Let’s go to the opposite end of the spectrum. Maybe you’re not fond of the heat, and want to stay far away from any volcano related activities. What about ice swimming, then? During the winter months, many annual events and festivals are held in both Finland and Estonia, where people have to either dip, or swim in near-frozen water. By the time winter rolls around, this water is usually below 5 degrees, so it’s safe to say that it will be a little chilly. OK VERY cold!! If you want to take a shot at it, you can register for one of the festivals. Just make sure you have enough tea after the dip is done!

Recommended Tours in Finland and Tours in Estonia:

Storm Chasing in the US

Beautiful tornado over a green field in US
Image by: Minerva Studio/

Once upon a time, Perfect Storm took Hollywood by storm. Now, it is possible for you to recreate the events of that movie by chasing tornado’s yourself. There are a number of tours that operate in the Tornado Valley region of the United States. These tours will locate storms, and help you chase it down, and follow it. The tour usually lasts a week, and you will come face-to-face with one of the most threatening phenomena in nature! So, hold on to your hat, and fend off the storm!

Recommended Tours in the US:

Cave Diving in Mexico

A lonely diver is swimming along the cave wall in Kukulkan cave Yucatan peninsula Mexico
Image by: oksanavg/

What is the most random thing a person can find underwater? Strange looking animals? Trees? Caves? Do you know all of these things have already been found underwater, and you can definitely pay a visit to one in Mexico? Next holiday, try your hand at cave-diving in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. There are a number of unique underwater caves in the area, and viewing one of them with your own two eyes would be a gift to cherish forever. However, this is not a sport that is open for all. Cave diving requires special equipment, so there is a chance you’ll have to possess professional skills to do this.

Recommended Tours in Mexico:

Mountain Walking in China

Tianmen mountain viewpoint from cliff hanging walkway
Image by: Aaron Choi Photo/

We have all trekked a number of mountains, and some of us have even reached dizzying altitudes before. But in the Tianmen Mountains in China, there is a mountain walking experience that will terrify most people. China has built a transparent glass walkway on the side of a mountain, and this walkway hangs 4000 ft. in the air (incidentally, when you look down while walking on this walkway, it will feel like you’re walking in air). So, do you trust Chinese workmanship enough to give this a try?

Recommended Tours in China:

Cliff Diving in Portugal

Man jumping from the cliff in Azores Portugal
Image by: djsash001/

As humans, we are all incredibly fond of jumping. That’s why we have come up with so many different sports that involve us jumping off things, or jumping into things. If you are an adventurer, here’s one thing you would definitely want to jump off- a cliff. There’s no better place to do this, than Azores, in Portugal. On the Portuguese coast, stands an 88 ft. tall monolithic stone pillar. The dive off this pillar, into the depths below, is actually such a daredevil act, that Red Bull, the host of all things adventurous, holds its World Series for cliff diving right here. Aren’t you interested in joining the league of legendary adventurers yourself?

Recommended Tours in Portugal:

Bungee Jumping in Colorado

Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge in Colorado
Image by: Sopotniccy/

This might seem a little too pedestrian for the more seasoned daredevils. It’s just bungee jumping, right? Well, right, and wrong. If you do it elsewhere, it is just bungee jumping. If you do it at the Royal Gorge Bridge in Colorado, you’re definitely living up to your daredevil cred! Moreover, this is not traditional bungee jumping. It’s the Royal Rush Skycoaster, the monster that will let you free-fall off the 1000 ft. tall suspension bridge, right into the canyon, and the river running within it. What a time to be alive!

Swimming with the Sharks in Mexico

Young lady snorkeling with whale shark in Mexico
Image by: Dudarev Mikhail/

Sharks have been considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world (thanks entirely to Jaws). While sharks are not as dangerous as humans perceive them to be, they are still apex predators and can be pretty intimidating. If you visit Guadalupe Island in Mexico, you can observe this intimidation first-hand, by swimming with sharks! You will dive into the ocean, and be protected by a shark-proof cage, so that you can come in close contact with the sharks. Are you ready to prove Jaws wrong and pet the shark yourself?

Recommended Tours in Mexico:

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

A young man doing volcano boarding in Nicaragua
Image by: iFerol/

Say, you find yourself in Nicaragua. It’s a beautiful country, with lush green forests and amazing people. Now when you’re here, you will invariably find yourself close to a volcano. What do you do? Grab a board, and go sliding through the volcano! That’ll show everyone on your FB profile who’s the boss! No, seriously- that is definitely a thing. Volcano boarding is done with the help of a toboggan. You’ll basically be on a wooden plank, going 90 km/hr speeds, right into a volcano. This daredevil adventure is not available anywhere else in the world except for Nicaragua!

Recommended Tours in Nicaragua:

Edge Walking in Toronto

CN Tower in Toronto famous for edge walking activities
Image by: rgbspace/

It looks like any adventure you want to pursue involves you leaving the busy city life for the isolation of coasts and mountains. But, that is not true. For the true-blood daredevil, there are a number of city adventures as well. Edge Walking is one of those. While other skyscrapers have begun to offer this deal, it was perfected by the CN Tower in Toronto, so that’s where you should do it! This walk lasts about half an hour, and you will be harnessed in, and hands free the entire time. Have you ever wondered what Toronto looked like from 1200 ft. in the air? Now’s your chance to find out!

Recommended Tours in Toronto:

Sandboarding in the Sahara Desert

Snowboarder wearing a scarf to protect against sand while in Sahara desert
Image by: Sanchik/

The Sahara Desert is a mountain made entirely of sand. These sand dunes can be incredibly tall, and wide. There’s nothing like exploring Morocco’s portion of the Sahara desert on the back of a camel. But, in case you tend to get bored sitting on a camel, you need to have a backup game in mind. We nominate “sandboarding”. This is the same as snowboarding, except it happens in the desert. Grab yourself a nice skateboard, and set off on the sand dunes. You’ll be zooming through these dunes at over 50 km per hour. What more can a person ask for!

All of us require that extra step in our life- one that will add vigor back into our routines, and add a spring to our step. These adventures will challenge you, make you face your fears, and at the end of the day, make you a better person. After all, isn’t that the point of traveling?

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