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What trekking equipment is needed when trekking in Nepal

In order to fully enjoy your trek in Nepal having the right equipment is a must. The ‘right’ equipment depends, however, on the type of trekking (teahouse or camping), time of year, general weather conditions, and the maximum altitude of the trek.

In picking your equipment, please note that a properly packed backpack is light and includes multipurpose clothing items. And, it always includes sufficiently warm clothing, especially during winter season in Nepal (Dec – Feb).

Not having the required equipment and clothing will not only significantly decrease the pleasure of trekking in Nepal, but could worst case be life threatening.

Should you be new to trekking and therefore need a lot of new gear we advise you to buy the trekking equipment in Nepal.

Recommended trekking equipment for your trekking adventure in Nepal:


During winter season, additional clothings may include:

Trekking Gear


Optional items

DIY camping

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