Top Mountain Bike Tours in Nepal

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Nepal boasts of a strategic location along the great heights of the majestic Himalayas which makes it one of the most coveted travel destinations in the world. Nepal, the land of stupas, adventure, natural beauty, stunning scenery, yaks, yetis and mountains, always delights you with its intense attractions, rustic villages, undulating hikes, ancient culture and beautiful people.

If you’re into adventure, Nepal is one of the top destinations that the world has to offer. And mountain biking remains to be one of the best ways to experience all the adventure that the country has in store for you. After all, riding through the deepest valleys that are located along the foothills of the tallest mountains on the planet isn’t a joke. Bookmundi examines the top mountain bike tours in Nepal.

Mountain Biking the Annapurna Circuit – Advanced Course

Girl cycling at the Road in Himalaya
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The Annapurna Circuit has been something of a fantasy for most trekkers around the world. Considered to be one of the world’s most famous trekking routes, it offers access to spectacular mountain biking trails and jeep trails. The Annapurna Circuit also provides the best combination of old-fashioned trekking and exciting mountain biking trails and if you’re looking to combine the best of both worlds, hike up to Muktinath along the Marshyangdi River and start mountain biking the Annapurna Circuit.

Mountain Bike Upper Mustang – Advanced Course

Landscape of Upper Mustang
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Upper Mustang isn’t just about enjoying a challenging bike journey through the mountains. It’s about discovering nature at its beautiful best, it’s about understanding yourself, it’s about meeting new people and also about coming close to new cultures. Upper Mustang is where nomads herd yaks, rosy-cheeked locals have their own stories to tell, the Tibetan culture remains untouched by civilization and modernization and ponies carry your luggage. This advanced mountain biking course also presents some of the most challenging biking terrains, which means that it is always a favorite among adventure lovers. The highlight of your adventure is Lo-Manthang, a beautiful destination visited by only a handful of travelers each year. This 15th century town is home to an ancient Tibetan kingdom that has a recorded history which dates back 700 years! This is one of the last bastions containing untouched Tibetan culture. If you love mountain biking and challenges, mountain biking Upper Mustang is highly recommended.

1 Day Tour Mountain Biking in Sarangkot (near Pokhara)

Panoramic Mountains view while biking in Saranggkot
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Explore the peace and quiet that Sarangkot has in store through this exciting mountain biking adventure. As you follow the jeep trail from Pokhara, you’re treated to some of the most beautiful views of Annapurna with para gliders floating meters above you. You would also do well to check out the breathtaking views of the Phewa Lake and Pokhara city. And as you start coming to your senses, you’re forced to make another life-changing decision – riding down the DH single-track or the flowing XC trails. Both suit different riding styles and present equally phenomenal vistas and adventures. Tiring as the journey may be, make sure that before you’re ready to call it a day, you stop by traditional Nepali farmlands and explore the beautiful countryside.

1 Day Mountain Bike tour in Kathmandu Valley

The Kathmandu Valley is an exciting option for a day tour, irrespective of how skilled you are at riding. From single track adventures in national parks to leisurely afternoon strolls around the countryside, the place has everything that you would possibly need for the most epic bike adventure of your life. Biking in the Kathmandu Valley takes you to a height of 2200 meters and presents some of the most beautiful panoramas that you can possibly imagine. The most fascinating trails in the area include Mudkhu to Tolkha, Balaju to Mudkhu to Tolkha to Budhanilkhanta, Jamacho and Mudhku Single Track trails and Kathmandu to Kakani to Budhanilkhanta. If things like cross-country adventures, beautiful cultures, natural beauty, exhilarating bike rides, ancient villages and national parks excite you, the Kathmandu Valley has everything you can possibly imagine and then some.

1 Day Mountain Bike Tour to Peace Pagoda in Pokhara

World Peace Pagoda Pokhara
Image by: Aleksandar Todorovic/

A one-day mountain biking tour to the Peace Pagoda is an exciting way to explore the rugged beauty of Nepal. Considered to be one of the best biking adventures in the country, this tour takes you through beautiful villages, terraced rice fields, rolling hills, Himalayan foothills and subtropical forests. The Peace Pagoda is built on a small hilltop located close to the Fewa Lake in Pokhara. It may look incredibly accessible, but it takes a bike ride or a hike to reach the top of the hill. The reason why this tour is so popular among bikers is that the area is very peaceful and the location is picture perfect for mountain biking. Bookmundi recommends you to leave before the sun picks up. The road elevates slowly, making it easy for you to ride uphill. Moreover, the ride isn’t technical in nature so unskilled bikers can also enjoy this tour. Once you reach the Peace Pagoda, enjoy its beautiful architecture and marvel at the breathtaking views on display, before the down-hill ride kicks in!

There are times when the best adventures come from the unlikeliest of pairings. You would always associate Nepal with adventure and thrill, but would often forget all about the spectacular natural beauty that it boasts of. By presenting mountain biking trails in some of the most beautiful areas on the planet, the country simply reminds you of everything that makes it so special and unique. To back each adventure, Nepal also provides a healthy mix of ancient civilizations that are untouched by modernization, a rich culture, beautiful people and incredible journeys. What makes mountain biking tours in Nepal so unique? It’s just that those wanting to enjoy real journeys and real experiences won’t find anything else like the ones found here.

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