The World’s 10 Most Expensive Travel Destinations

Singapore Skyline And View Of Marina Bay sands

With 2017 just around the corner, we decided to share some of the most expensive travel destinations around the world with you. As expected, the list contains traditional heavyweights such as New York City, Singapore and Dubai, but you’d be surprised to know that some South American and African destinations leave many European tourist magnets behind in terms of the amount of money they make you spend.

Singapore (above image)

Singapore has quickly reinvented itself from being a stopover destination to becoming a global hotspot, one of the best and most popular cities of Asia. It is a city that lets you glimpse at the fast-paced western lifestyle without ever taking you away from the historical and cultural highs of the east. You can literally travel the world here, from exploring the chaotic streets of Little Mumbai to spending time in Hong-Kong-like-markets of Chinatown. But Singapore is also known to be the perfect destination for all things glitzy and glamorous. It presents a number of cutting-edge malls, restaurants and nightclubs and offers all kinds of activities that help you spend your money and your time. Just head over to Sentosa Island for a few days of fun and frolic, enjoying a Disney-like experience, only more diverse. Or visit Orchard Road and its glittery malls and luxurious hotels. Even the airport has so many distractions!

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £127.90
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £29.14
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £3.00
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £16.99
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £3.43
  • Hop-On Hop-Off – £35.00


Aerial view of Dubai Marina after sunset in Dubai
Image by: Mohamed Kasim Navfal/

Dubai has always been in the news these past few years. Whether its talk about world class museums making their presence felt in the Middle East or unbelievable architecture, there is just so much that makes this city truly special. It has emerged as a global travel hub, a center of modern excess, which makes it very popular among those looking for expensive and exclusive destinations on the planet. From gala shopping festivals to the highest skyscraper on the planet, from manmade islands to expensive outings, Dubai is all about spending money and living it large. Some would argue that the city lacks character or culture, but even in the midst of all that glitz and glamor, it is absolutely possible to enjoy an enriching cultural experience in Middle Eastern scenes that have remained unchanged over centuries.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £214.81
  • Meal for 2 (budget restaurant) – £28.04
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa£3.82
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £17.47
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £1.80
  • Dubai City Tour and Dhow Cruise Dinner – £91.00

New York City

A view of Times Square with skyscrapers in Manhattan New York
Image by: Madrabothair/

New York City doesn’t need a reason to feature in a list of travel destinations. It somehow makes its way to almost all lists, and no matter what you’re choices are, you’re sure to find the perfect travel experience here. The Big Apple is also a traditional hub for industry, commerce, cuisines, fashion and culture. While there is always something new afoot in the city, you don’t need an excuse to spend money here. This is, after all, home to sundaes that cost $1000 and meals that can send the average person back by an entire month’s salary.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £198.78
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £54.93
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £2.66
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £11.30
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £6.29
  • NYC Day Tour – £137.00


African Elephants swimming across the Chobe River Botswana with tourists on safari watches on
Image by: THPStock/

Botswana isn’t the first destination that comes to mind while thinking about expensive and splurge-worthy places to visit. That said, if you want to visit paradise on earth, few places can compete with the charms of Botswana. About one-thirds of this country is covered by untouched reserves and national parks, all of which are home to some of the most exotic plants and animals that the world has ever seen. The concept of safaris may not have been invented here, but you can enjoy some of the most luxurious safaris in this African nation. The most popular destination to spend your time in paradise is the Okavango Delta, a floodplain of rivers, tributaries, islands, lush greenery and all kinds of animals. This is also the land of the great Kalahari Desert and the famous Chobe National Park, both of which present African wilderness and landscapes at their untouched best.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £210.30
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £15.22
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £1.33
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £5.66
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £0.73
  • Chobe National Park Safari (1-Day) – £161.00


Night view of Jamaa el Fna a square and market place in Marrakesh Morocco
Image by: kasto/

We long for the sun and sand, exotic animals and grand safaris, but most of those holidays can be summed up in a couple of photographs. What makes Marrakesh so different is its diversity and splendid history. You get to discover ancient hammams that probably discovered the concepts of shedding skin and exfoliation, 18th century architectural gems, old-world alleys, souqs, henna tattoos and a deep-rooted culture. Trips to Marrakesh are all about losing your sense of direction, visiting mesmerizing palaces, living the life of royals and exploring an ever-changing medina that satiates your quest for modernity without depriving your senses of an overdose of history and medieval charm.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £155.27
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £10.18
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £1.21
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £7.06
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £1.69
  • City Tour – £68.00


A view of Sydney Opera House illuminated with colourful light
Image by: Maonakub/

Let’s face it. Australia as a country is expensive. Sydney, more so. The Australian dollar has been gaining strength in the past few years, and this means that places like Melbourne and Sydney now compete with traditional powerhouses such as Hong Kong and Copenhagen. Your flight fares are most probably going to be exorbitant, and that’s just the beginning. Despite the splurge, Sydney has a way of leaving you with a smile on your face. Maybe the sight of iconic images such as the Golden Harbor Bridge or Sydney Opera House leaves you pleased with your experience. Or it could be an after-effect of spending days being seduced by beautiful parks and outdoor pools, aromatic frangipani and that perfect weather. The city is impressively cosmopolitan, and its harbor ranks among the very best. Coastal walks, scenic rides, satisfying dips, Sydney is all about living life right, enjoying the great outdoors while diving into a wealth of cultural riches that range from ethnic enclaves and Aborginal heritage to world class museums and some of the best restaurants on the planet.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £169.94
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £39.37
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £1.96
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £9.20
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £8.03
  • City Tour – £88.91


 Big Ben and the house of Parliament during sunset
Image by: vent du sud/

A list of the world’s 10 most expensive travel destinations can never be complete without London, the capital of an empire that once dominated the planet. An excess of architecture, breath-taking artifacts from all continents, centuries-old attractions, you’re still not scratching the surface. London hosts people from all over the world, and this resulted in a cultural melting pot, one that possibly offers insights into every imaginable culture and its people. London is also about living the good life. English football is quickly making a name for itself as one of the most exciting sports the world has seen, and watching Arsenal, Chelsea or Tottenham could just be the perfect way to discover why the English are so passionate about their football. Away from history and sporting action, elaborate afternoon teas let you relive the romance and grandeur of old days while chic restaurants, pubs and nightclubs remind you why everyone is always in awe. The sun never sets on the British Empire, and that saying is perhaps best felt in its capital, a true center of the world.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £127.00
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £50.00
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £2.99
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £9.00
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £8.71
  • City Tour – £187.00


The Royal Sands resort with beautiful beach and swimming pool in Cancun
Image by: volgariver/

Aah. Cancun! You’d think of places like Bora Bora, Fiji and Seychelles when it came to the list of the world’s 10 most expensive travel destinations. But turns out that the powdery-soft sands and crystal clear water of Cancun coupled with its huge fanfare, crazy spring break parties and picture-perfect beaches steal the show. The city offers an excess of sun, sand and sin, but don’t make the mistake of ignoring its mysterious heritage. This is after all your stepping stone into the wonders and stories of the Mayans.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £106.11
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £22.64
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £1.65
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £4.54
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £4.12
  • Colonial Tour – £26.84


The cityscape at the Caracas in Venezuela
Image by: Amnat/

Chaotic traffic, a sprawling city, overpopulation, hectic scenes. You’re often wondering why you came to the city in the first place. Caracas takes time to grow on you, but soon manages to leave you spellbound with its untouched interiors and magnificent culture. The Parque Nacional El Avila should be one of the first destinations on your itinerary, but Teresa Carreno Cultural Complex and Paseo Los Proceres should also be on your list of things to do. So what is it that makes Caracas so expensive? Years of mismanagement and corruption in military and the government crippled this South American economy and as a result, something as simple as ‘milk’ doesn’t have an official price! Caracas certainly has its own list of problems, but should you brave a trip here, you’re sure to enjoy one of the most enriching journeys of your life. A true eye opener! Safety might be a concern so you’d want to get in touch with your local embassy before visiting.

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £95.00
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £29.18
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £2.73
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £3.88
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £2.04


 Larcomar mall in Miraflores Lima Peru
Image by: Sven Schermer/

Lima enjoys an enviable location on top of cliffs that offer endless views of the Pacific Ocean. It is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in South America, and its history, culture, attractions and lifestyles play a huge role in making you splurge. It’s no longer a mere connection to the exotic Machu Picchu, it is a destination in itself. It boasts a thriving gastronomic scene and live music venues, nightclubs and bars tend to open on a monthly basis. The museums and galleries are full of Inca relics while colonial churches and pre-Colombian pyramids ensure that you always have something to see and do. There’s a price for perfection, and perhaps that’s why Lima asks you to pay through the roof!

  • Hotel Room (per night) – £139.74
  • Meal for 2 (mid-priced restaurant) – £15.74
  • Avg. Price of Cuppa – £1.91
  • Avg. Price of House Wine – £7.00
  • Taxi (3-km ride) – £3.37
  • City Tour – £40.00

So which of the world’s 10 most expensive travel destination do you wish to visit next? Do let us know using the comments below.


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