Best Toddler Friendly Theme Parks around the world

It always makes sense to combine holidays and learning for your toddlers by visiting those child-friendly museums and kid attractions located around the world. But if you’re really looking forward to earning the title of being the best mommies and daddies in the world, a trip to your child’s favorite theme park is a must.

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Top Destinations for Toddlers

Parents with young children, this one’s for you! Traveling with toddlers is certainly not easy, but choose the right destination, and it becomes a lot of fun – not just for you, for the little ones as well. Many parents end up postponing major travel plans, but the best time to travel with your kids is when they’re still kids.

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Top Wine Destinations in Europe

There are fantastical wine destinations all over the globe that have emerged as travel hotspots not just because of their food and wine experiences, but also because of their breathtaking natural beauty and enchanting scenery. Europe is famous as the largest wine producer in the world, and this automatically makes it one of the top regions for wine lovers. The continent is responsible for close to two-thirds of the world’s wine production, and some of the greatest wines and vineyards can be found here. We scoured through the most picturesque regions on the continent to bring to you some of the top wine destinations in Europe:

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The Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe

With close to 800 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to choose from, deciding what to see and what to leave out can prove to be quite an issue for history and architecture lovers. Luckily, when traveling to Europe, there are a number of World Heritage destinations whose reputation precedes them. These outstanding works of art are known to offer an unparalleled experience, which is sure to leave you spellbound and wanting for more. Here are the top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Europe – don’t miss out on them if travelling in Europe:

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