Futuristic Hotels Around the World

Today’s world is changing at a very rapid pace. Our dynamic environment makes us want to explore places that offer something special and designers have actually taken these trends into account while creating modern day hotels. Over the past few decades, a majority of the hotels around the world laid a great deal of stress on luxury and opulence. Continue reading Futuristic Hotels Around the World

Places to Visit Before They Get Extinct

The world is full of breathtaking sights and attractions that attract travelers from all over. Traveling is an excellent way of understanding everything that Mother Nature has to offer, but travel also leads to all kinds of issues, issues that may be forcing some of the top travel attractions around the world to disappear. Continue reading Places to Visit Before They Get Extinct

Top 12 Best Things to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia burst onto the travel scene the moment Lara Croft (played by none other than Angelina Jolie) decided to swing through its ancient temple ruins and showcase their fascinating beauty to people all over the world. Soon, the country began to conjure images of age-old ruins, ancient temples, dense jungles, breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating wildlife, and there was really no stopping the modern day traveler.

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Top 12 Things to Do in New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital city of India, may overwhelm most visitors on first sight, but it has its own way of growing on you. The mesmerizing balance between history and modernity makes New Delhi one of the most unique cities on the planet. You can find breathtaking forts, palaces, gardens, temples and mosques that are steeped with history and explore cosmopolitan delights, exciting nightclubs, international cuisines, fantastic shopping and a beautiful culture while in Delhi.

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