The Wild South: Exploring the Peruvian Amazon

The Amazon has caught the collective imagination of people for the longest time. It has inspired explorers, discoverers, biologists, anthropologists, marine scientists, authors, artists, and countless other people. It is a diverse area, rich in biodiversity and in culture. While most people go to Brazil to explore the Amazon, Peru offers a quieter alternative route. You can experience the beautiful rainforest by foot or through the river.

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Beyond Picchu: Ruins Worth Exploring in Peru

If you mention the word “Peru” to a person, the first image that comes to their mind is going to be of Machu Picchu. Rightfully so: the Machu Picchu ruins are a sight to behold, and was the Holy Grail of numerous Spanish explorers trying to chart the area. It’s a destination that deserves all the hype and sensation, for sure, but those are not the only ruins Peru has to offer.

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Top 12 Things to do in Peru

Aaah. Peru. Where do we even begin? The heart of the Great Inca Empire. The Land of the Incas. Home to the world famous Machu Picchu. Not interested? How about sheer natural beauty in the form of the Great Amazon, exotic jungles or breathtaking peaks. Still need inspiration? What about fascinating walking trails. A rich and varied gastronomy. Resurgent cities.

Irrespective of where your interests lie, Peru always manages to entertain you with all sorts of sights and attractions that are sure to transform you into one of the most influential travel personalities on social media. Provided you manage to come back to reality and remember to click photographs! While the options are just about endless when it comes to things to do in Peru, we have managed to shortlist a few that become a part of most traveler itineraries in the country.

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