Best Kayaking and River Rafting Tours in Nepal

Kayaking In Nepal

Thanks to the great Himalayas, Nepal has no shortage of kayaking and river rafting adventures. It is home to some of the most varied and scenic whitewater on the planet, Nepal is an adventure lover’s paradise.

The shorter journeys are easy enough to suit beginners and the longer expeditions are true classics. The picturesque countryside also adds to the thrills of kayaking and river rafting, transforming such adventures into an experience of a lifetime. Visit the cities and towns of Nepal and you still see a country trying to rebuild itself after a devastating natural disaster, but there’s a sense of escapism in the country’s rivers. White-sand beaches, starlit skies, warm waters, exotic wildlife and jungle-clad slopes, mosquito-free beaches and clean rivers. Combine this to the very best of thrills, relaxation, culture and scenery and you have the perfect recipe for a fun-filled kayaking and river rafting tours in Nepal.

 Kayaking Tour of the Lower Seti River (Kayaking for Beginners)

Kayaking in Lower Seti River
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The Lower Seti River is an ideal spot for beginners to introduce themselves to the world of kayaking. The course has been designed to ensure that newbies feel completely at ease. Your journey starts at the breathtaking Phewa Lake in Pokhara and ends close to the Chitwan National Park. This exciting trip also offers enchanting views of the Annapurna Mountain Range and numerous adventures on the Lower Seti River. Phewa Lake and road access to the river is completely unaffected by the 2015 earthquakes and whitewater adventures in the area are as exciting as ever. The tour also includes overnight camping at remote destinations along the river bank as well as delicious Nepali and Western dishes over a campfire.

1 Day Kayaking or Rafting Trip down The Trisuli River

Kayakers simply cannot miss out on the thrill of kayaking in Nepal. The Trisuli is one of the most accessible and most rafted rivers of Nepal. This one-day Trisuli River tour offers the perfect settings for newbies, novice kayakers and beginners. It presents juicy Class II – IV rapids and a few delicious surfing pockets as well. If you’re one of those who like to paddle and have some fun, this is the best destination in Nepal to do so. The main draw of Trisuli River trips is its camping. You can always find other kayakers all along those riverside beaches and rafting groups camping for the night.

Rafting Down the BhoteKoshi River

Rafting on the Bhote Koshi
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The BhoteKoshi River is another popular whitewater rafting destination in Nepal. The upper sections of the BhoteKoshi are more popular among expert kayakers or skilled rafters while the lower sections suit people with all types of skill levels. The upper sections present a number of Class V rapids while the lower sections offer Class III rapids for some splashing fun. Apart from exhilarating rafting experiences, the BhoteKoshi also presents unparalleled views of the surrounding jungles and waterfalls and lets you interact with local villagers as you float past old-world villages. Those wanting to check out life along the Himalayan rivers or explore Nepal’s rich culture won’t find a better opportunity than BhoteKoshi.

 8 – 10 Day Rafting Tour in the Karnali River

Karnali, the largest and longest river in Nepal, springs from Mount Kailash, the center of the universe according to Hindu and Buddhist traditions. The river forms a major drainage system for the western districts before dropping into a dramatic canyon that presents humongous volumes of white water before flowing into remote jungles that are rich in their bird and animal life. The first half of your Karnali River journey offers some of the best whitewater experiences on the planet. The second half is more moderate as you settle into gentle rapids and relaxed floats to enjoy the spectacular natural beauty, rich wildlife and unspoiled wilderness all around you. The journey ends at the Bardia National park, famous for its rhinos, crocodiles, sloth bears, birdlife, deer, tigers and mahseer fish. Most river rafting lovers term the Karnali as one of the finest rafting rivers on the planet.

8-10 Day River Rafting Tour on the Sunkoshi

Rafting in white Water
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Sunkoshi presents the longest river rafting trip in terms of river miles in the country. Rated among one of the top 10 river rafting adventures in the world, this trip is certainly not for the fainthearted. Popularly known as the river of gold, Sunkoshi drains off some of the largest mountains on the planet and impresses rafters with its jaw-dropping canyons, breathtaking waterfalls, hidden bat caves, remote temples and beautiful white-sand beaches. If you’re searching for a long river rafting journey, this is the best adventure that Nepal has in store for you. Pockets of the Sunkoshi were affected by the 2015 earthquake, but road access to/ from the river are clear and the area is now open and safe for river rafting.

3 Day River Rafting on the Kaligandaki River

The Kaligandaki River has been named after Goddess Kali, the goddess of destruction. The river begins its journey in Mustang, a Tibetan plateau and plunges through the Himalayas to carve one of the deepest gorges in the world between Annapurna and Dhaulagiri. Spectacular mountain views, exhilarating whitewater journeys, beautiful waterfalls, wildlife-rich jungles, exotic temples and remote villages are just a few of the things in store for you during this 3-day river rafting tour of the Kaligandaki River. Most travelers consider this tour to offer the best all-round adventure in Nepal which makes it perfect for those wanting to pair whitewater adventures with Nepal’s mind-blowing landscapes. The Kaligandaki River was outside the earthquake affected areas, which means that the area has been unaffected by the devastating 2015 earthquake.

River rafting and kayaking are just the beginning. This week, Bookmundi presents to you the Exploring Nepal theme to introduce you to some of the best and most enchanting sceneries on the planet. An ideal way of uncovering the very best of this country is through adventure, and what better way to experience adventure than join adrenaline-pumping activities such as river rafting tours, kayaking expeditions, mountain biking tours, deep jungle tours, bungee jumping, mountain climbing and trekking. Bookmundi presents each of these thrills in an entirely new light and showcases the best destinations in Nepal to get your adrenaline rush.

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