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Top 10 Travel Destinations in the USA

The United States is not only the land of the free and the home of the brave, it is also a travelers’ paradise. Many of the most popular destinations in the USA are unique to this continent and found nowhere else on earth. Besides the obvious man-made wonders, America has been blessed with the very best that nature has to offer. Here is our pick of the top 10 travel destinations in the USA.

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Top Destinations for Solo Travelers

Traveling alone sounds boring, but wait till you’ve had your first solo trip. Chances are you’ll realize that traveling solo is the best way to travel. The entire point of visiting a place is discovering unfamiliar surroundings and embarking on experiences that expose you to different cultures, allowing you to meet and interact with different kinds of people.

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World’s Most Colorful Destinations

The all-white style trend might be ruling the runways, but neutrals surely seem to be on their way out in the travel world. Fall certainly has its way of adding color to your life. Despite being a season where birds, animals, and even trees, spend most of their time preparing for the gloomy winter days, fall still ends up being incredibly beautiful, presenting a spectrum of colors that lift your spirits.

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Best Destinations to Visit This Fall

Autumn’s bright colors inspire people around the world to take to the outdoors, spending a few days exploring this beautiful world, enjoying exciting road trips, admiring the stunning fall foliage. While places like New England are among the top destinations that come to mind, there are a number of cities and towns that are blanketed in all shades of red and yellow.

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Top 10 Destinations to Visit in India

Travel makes you lose yourself only to find your own self. It’s something that cuts across barriers or ages and suits people from all sorts of backgrounds. It is something that offers endless memories, experiences that usually last you a lifetime. And if travel is what you’re seeking, it truly doesn’t get better than India.

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Why Japan Does Whiskey Bars Better Than Anyone

Surprising as it might sound, a Japanese single malt found its way into the list of the best whiskeys in the world. And while you might express surprise, those in the know would argue that this was long time coming. Japanese whiskey burst onto the global scene in the year 2015 when the Yamazaki Single Malt Sherry Cask 2013 was named as the best whiskey in the world by Jim Murray’s Whiskey Bible.

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Top 6 Best Short Treks in Nepal – Snapshot Overview

If you’re thinking about visiting Nepal, this snapshot overview of some of the best treks that the country has to offer is everything you’ve been searching for. From the most popular trekking destinations to hidden gems that are waiting to be discovered, from grueling encounters to short and scintillating journeys, this guide of the best short treks in Nepal has everything that you could possibly imagine.

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