Top 12 Best Things to Do in Cambodia

Cambodia burst onto the travel scene the moment Lara Croft (played by none other than Angelina Jolie) decided to swing through its ancient temple ruins and showcase their fascinating beauty to people all over the world. Soon, the country began to conjure images of age-old ruins, ancient temples, dense jungles, breathtaking natural beauty and fascinating wildlife, and there was really no stopping the modern day traveler.

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Top 12 Things to Do in New Delhi

New Delhi, the capital city of India, may overwhelm most visitors on first sight, but it has its own way of growing on you. The mesmerizing balance between history and modernity makes New Delhi one of the most unique cities on the planet. You can find breathtaking forts, palaces, gardens, temples and mosques that are steeped with history and explore cosmopolitan delights, exciting nightclubs, international cuisines, fantastic shopping and a beautiful culture while in Delhi.

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Top 12 Best Things to Do in Dubai

Dubai. The city that is home to the biggest, largest, tallest and the greatest. Surreal constructions, man-made islands which mimic the map of the world, Eco-tech destinations, the tallest building in the world, and the biggest shopping mall on the planet – this one-time fishing village has really managed to transform itself into a curious travel magnet that a traveler has to experience at some point in time.

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Top Ten Things to do In Shanghai

Shanghai is the largest city by population in the world, with a staggering 24 million permanent residents. Located in the Yangtze River Delta in East China, Shanghai has, for centuries, been a major administrative, shipping, and trading centre. But the city really came into its own in the 19th Century, when it was recognised as an incredible location for international trade.

A city steeped in history, and one very much at the heart of global affairs, Shanghai is, today, an extremely popular tourist destination, offering some of the best attractions that China has to offer. So, here’s a list of the top ten things to do in Shanghai. Enjoy!

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Top Ten Things to do In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an incredibly diverse, fascinating, and even paradoxical place. As rural as it is urban, and with as many temples as it has skyscrapers, Hong Kong – which is actually made up of over 200 islands – is a unique blend of Western and Eastern cultures. No wonder then, that it’s very hard to decide the things to do in Hong Kong from the myriad of possibilities.

The distinctive character of Hong Kong is perhaps best encapsulated by its impressive collection of world records and achievements. For example, it consumes more than triple the annual global average amount of tea; has the world’s most affordable Michelin star dishes, at less that $2; oversaw the sale of the most expensive bottle of wine ever ($232,692); uses Feng Shui to dictate the appearance of and positioning of many of its building; and is home to the world’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show, “A Symphony of Lights”.

But with so much to see and do, we’ve listed the top ten things to do in Hong Kong that no visitor can afford to miss.

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