The Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail is definitely a prime contender for the world’s best trekking route. At least, it is the longest and highest trekking route in the world. Spanning several hundred kilometres of amazing Himalayan terrain, this trail stretches over the full length of Nepal.

The trail itself passes through some of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayas – winding under the highest mountain peaks in the world. The nature and culture you’ll experience during the trek are simply spectacular. The incredibly remote villages and its inhabitants will make you wonder with awe just how resilient we humans are as a species.

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Top Adrenaline Rushes in Nepal

Nestled between two of the most populous countries of the world, lies one of the oldest, most peaceful and yet, as surprising as it sounds, least explored travel destinations. Nepal distinguishes itself as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, with its capital having the highest concentration of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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Climbing Mt. Cho Oyu-Interview with mountaineer Azim Afif on his Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition

Azim Afif is a mountaineer and climbed Cho Oyu in late 2014. This year he is planning for Mt. Everest. Climbing is his passion. We were so fortunate to have a talk with him regarding climbing in general and climbing Cho Oyu. Continue reading Climbing Mt. Cho Oyu-Interview with mountaineer Azim Afif on his Cho Oyu Climbing Expedition

Top 10 Best Treks in India

Although the Indian Himalayas cannot quite compete with their Nepalese counterparts in terms of height, the fantastic trekking routes they offer are second to none. With their unique blend of nature and culture, Indian trekking routes are definitely worth the money and effort. Sprawled across five Indian states, the Indian Himalayas encompass a large area at the northern boundary of the country.

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Top Mountain Bike Tours in Nepal

Nepal boasts of a strategic location along the great heights of the majestic Himalayas which makes it one of the most coveted travel destinations in the world. Nepal, the land of stupas, adventure, natural beauty, stunning scenery, yaks, yetis and mountains, always delights you with its intense attractions, rustic villages, undulating hikes, ancient culture and beautiful people.

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Trekking in Nepal Guide – 2014

Every year around 210,000 tourists spend their holidays trekking in Nepal. In this Guide for Trekking in Nepal, we will guide you through 7 preparatory steps which answers the most common questions that we receive from people who are coming to Nepal for trekking. The overall aim? To help you get a fantastic trekking experience in Nepal! Continue reading Trekking in Nepal Guide – 2014