Altitude illness or Acute Mountain illness

What is altitude illness?

Altitude sickness occurs due to a lack of oxygen and air pressure to meet the demands of ones body as you ascend. At sea level and below 8000 ft, there is sufficient air pressure and oxygen, however as you ascend up the mountain, pressure starts to drop and therefore oxygen levels drop also. Altitude sickness occurs when your body is unable to adapt to the changes in air pressure and oxygen levels.

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The Great Himalaya Trail

The Great Himalaya Trail is definitely a prime contender for the world’s best trekking route. At least, it is the longest and highest trekking route in the world. Spanning several hundred kilometres of amazing Himalayan terrain, this trail stretches over the full length of Nepal.

The trail itself passes through some of the most beautiful parts of the Himalayas – winding under the highest mountain peaks in the world. The nature and culture you’ll experience during the trek are simply spectacular. The incredibly remote villages and its inhabitants will make you wonder with awe just how resilient we humans are as a species.

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