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Agadir New holidays Tours 2018/2019

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Agadir Tour Reviews

4.9 - Excellent Based on 18 customer reviews
Atlas descent Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“A great trip through stunning mountainous morocco”
Great trip with stunning mountain views Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“A great mountain biking trip, nothing too technical but loads of fun ups and downs. The scenery is just epic, huge mountains as far as you can see. Combined with blue skies and great guiding a perfect new year start!”
Morocco in the sun Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“Good mixture of cycling - predominantly off road on double width tracks, some smooth, some not so much. A little bit of fun single track from time to time. Average may be descent, but a good bit of climbing in there too for those of us who enjoy it. Lots of long stretches of cycling between stops to make sure everyone is going the right way. Lots of great views over the landscape.”
Great biking on the Atlas Descent Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“The Atlas descent is all 'ups'. Up the heart rate, up the adrenaline and up the enjoyment. A technical mountain bike trip with rocky ascents and descents, some fast switch back trails and lots of interesting undulations. Exodus have not wimped out by reducing the the risk factors, this is proper mountain biking.”
Atlas Decent in November Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“My third cycling trip with Exodus in Morocco, this MMA trip was to some of the same regions as the MMI road trip last year - this time with near-perfect weather and conditions - to experience the villages, rocks, people, rocks, food, rocks, and stunning views of the region and sand, cacti and rocks. The title of the trip is not the entire story; there is a little climbing to do, and although Strava with a phone is prone to exaggeration, it recorded 5km of ascent over the six days. The trip marks out the difference between Jebel Sahro's "Off Road" and this trip's "Mountain Biking". I suspect it requires a similar level of fitness but prepare for, learn and enjoy more technical riding.”
Atlas Descent - excellent Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“This trip has something for everybody, Everyday offers something different. Breath taking views for photos, no shortage of donkeys, cattle and local shepherds, friendly locals, you'll pass through some beautiful villages, for those who like a few hills there are a few sneaky challenging climbs, the most amazing descents I personally have every enjoyed, Tagines, Kebabs and no shortage of beer. By the time you've finished you'll be glad to dive straight into the ocean at Agadir on your return. Totally recommended, you won't regret it - Great Value for Money !”
Moroccan Fun Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“First trip to Morocco - third with Exodus - This trip was one of the best I've been on - compares to any place on the planet for beauty - rocky trails superb and challenging - great hotels and great group - Liz was the best guide I've ever had (in 30 years of trips) - I'd do this trip again and again.”
Superb Atlas Descent Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“If you enjoy cycling in any form, love being outdoors in a superb remote country then you will love this trip.
Seamless organisation with an extremely professional guide (Liz-you made it!!) resulted in one of the best holidays we have had.
How hard is it?? Don't underestimate the distances, but if you are a regular fit cyclist its straightforward, but a 7km ascent on single track is tough in anyone's book.
As one review which sold it to me said 'just do it', you will not be disappointed.”
The perfect offroad adventure Reviewed Tour: Atlas Descent
5 - Excellent
“Second time on this trip (yes, it is that good) and cannot think of a more rewarding and adrenaline filled week for an offroad enthusiast.”
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